Tuesday 22 January 2013


Let me just start off by saying I'm completely new to this so feel free to suggest any changes you want, oh and I got this from my friends for my birthday (thanks everyone!). Right, onto the review; for those of us who a Chanel handbag is unfortunately completely out of the question, having this in my make-up bag is just a lovely way of owning something Chanel. It is a great mascara, it's both lengthening and volumising and so far no clumps! (yay) I feel that sometimes we expect so much from a high end product that the product actually never turns out to be quite what we'd want it to but in this case Chanel have hit the nail, and I love it! It's got more of a wet consistency and I find a thin coat looks naturally emphasized but is definitely buildable. Now, I'm not saying that you should drop everything you're doing and run out to purchase this,but , if you have money, why not? Treat yourself!
Hope you're all well and coping with the cold! More soon


  1. Luv Chanel.

  2. Awesome pics!!

  3. Great review, would be nice to see it on our lashes with the before and after effect. But yes, I believe Chanel's cosmetics are oh so fabuloous. You should check out my newest HOLY CHIC tee from Ashish, bound to bring up a few giggles in you to brighten up your day, or it simply provokes you, either way works ;)

    xx The Provoker

    1. That's such a good idea, thanks for the tip! Haha I'll definitely give that a look! :)


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