Tuesday 30 April 2013


Hi everyone! Today I want to share something very personal to me with you guys. On May the fifth, I'll be running the 'Race for Life', I'll be fundraising all I can to support Cancer Research aiming to beat cancer, once and for all. I think we all have been affected in some ways by cancer at least once in our lives, maybe even that person you passed on the street today was suffering more than you could possibly imagine. I really encourage you to donate as little or as much as you can, not to me, but to cancer research and all the good they do. Please donate HERE, the website is full of useful information if you'd like to have a look.
Thank you for listening, together we CAN beat cancer.

Wednesday 24 April 2013


Quickly posting for you guys, isn't the print on this jumper just beautiful? It really reminds me of the picture of water I took the other day (second picture). I love taking inspiration from everyday life like this and reflecting it in my outfits, it sort of makes it more intimate rather than piling on a load of clothes that 'look good'. What is your style inspired by?
I'd just like to ask you all a favour, I'm running the Race for Life on the 5th of May and I'm trying to raise money to beat Cancer, once and for all. This is a really personal matter to me and I'd be humbled if you could donate however much or little you can (to donate please click here).
Anyway, must dash I have 3 essays hanging over my head in which I have to write about rubbish I couldn't care less about all for today, yippee!

Jumper: Mango
Trousers: H&M
Boots: Mountain Life

Saturday 20 April 2013


Whenever I'm having a stressful week due to school work, family issues etc...I love to just take a few hours where I can be by myself, step away from life and look back on it and gain a better perspective of the present. It makes me realise how lucky I am to have health, loving friends and family, a house to live in, food on my plate, an education. Everything. It's easy to get caught up on the smallest of things and forget about the bigger picture. So I'd like to say thank you, for reading my blog, for commenting, for following, I appreciate it more than you can imagine!
Onto the fashion part; I used to be a complete tomboy (shock horror), I hated dresses and anything pink and frilly, but now I can't seem to stop wearing them. It's like when you don't like a certain food when you're little (mushrooms, ew) and when you're older you find you actually love it. I've had this dress for so long in my wardrobe gathering dust -literally- rediscovering it was great, what do you have that's been long forgotten in the depths of your wardrobe?
Happy weekend everyone!

Dress: Rebel Rebel
Top: Mango
Shoes: Mountain Life

Wednesday 17 April 2013


Fool-proof healthy pancakes in under 5 minutes? Check. Super easy, super healthy AND super delicious mini stack-able pancakes and best of all; guilt free (yes, I mean it!)
 Here's what you'll need:
  1. One ripe banana
  2. 1 egg (organic preferably)

Yep that's it, two ingredients is all you need. I use one small banana and one medium sized egg but there's no need to be too exact about it. This recipe makes one serving - I divide the mixture into 3 small pancakes.
1. Add about a teaspoon of rapeseed oil to a medium sized frying pan on a medium heat (olive oil and coconut oil are good as well).
2. Next chop your banana up into a bowl - as you can see there's no rhyme or rhythm to this recipe!
3. Now mash the banana up with a fork to form a mushy (technical term) consistency and break the egg into the same bowl.
4. Whisk the egg and banana together with the fork until smooth - a few banana chunks are fine but make sure there's  not too many.
3. Spoon the mixture into the heated pan making 3 evenly sized small pancakes.
4. Stack the pancakes onto a plate and top with whatever pickles your fancy - this time I went with peanut butter and honey but I also love nutella and peanut butter. And voila! There you go easy to make, healthy pancakes, have a go and tell me what you think! 
Happy Wednesday everyone!

Saturday 13 April 2013


So festival season is up and coming, now I wish I was going to Coachella but, since I'm not, I thought I'd show you guys what I'd wear if I was! I think the great thing about music festivals is that a t-shirt + shorts  is more than acceptable and 'weirdness' -to a certain degree- is considered cool. A denim jacket is such a classic way to toughen up a girly skirt I'm sure most of you have tried it, but if you haven't give it a go!

Now you're probably wondering what the other photos are about. Well, you see, what you probably don't know is that before Black&Blue I shared another blog with Hannah from Sporadic Intentions called 'Frocks of Dreams'. We were blogging partners and I can't tell you how fun it was! Yesterday was our first blogging birthday (woo!),  although we've both moved on to our own blogs, I'll never forget all the memories we shared. So, happy 1 year anniversary to us! Hope you're all well!

Top: Urban Outfitters 
Denim Jacket: Vintage
Skirt: Bershka
Shoes: Converse

Wednesday 10 April 2013


Quickly updating you guys, I'm off to see *cough* One Direction...(don't judge please) in a bit,  I'm supposed to be getting ready actually but I thought I'd quickly post. Stripes are yet again on trend so I thought I'd show you my take on it, I love mis-matching different clothing items and clashing different prints - as you can probably tell by this post - and what better than mixing two stripe prints like this? Stripes are so timeless and classic, they suit everyone and go with everything so if your not too sure on loud prints then definitely give this one a go!
I'd just like to say thank you for all your sweet comments on my last post and for reading the blog and enjoying it, it really motivates me to keep going. So, yet again, a HUGE thank you! :)

Top: Miss Selfridge Dress(worn as top)
Shirt: M&S
Shorts: Topshop
Tights: Primark
Boots: Mountain Life
Sunglasses: Ebay

Sunday 7 April 2013


Yesterday was a really beautiful day (I'm talking sun shining, blue sky-ing and birds chirping kind of day!), so I decided to go on a little adventure and turned up at this old castle, not too far from where I live. It was really lovely and I couldn't resist getting some pictures here! 
Now, I love all things fashion but, when it comes to marmite trends that get either intense love or intense hate, I (sometimes) prefer to opt out. Just like wearing a tonne of make-up, wearing crazy clothes all the time can get a bit tiring and some days I just prefer to have a 'no make-up day'. I guess what I'm trying to say is that sometimes you just need a 'no fashion day'-you guys still with me?
This outfit is the perfect minimalist combination (apart from jeans and a tee, obviously) and I urge you all to try dressing down just for one day and see how it feels!
As always, I'd really love for you to follow me here on bloglovin' and tell me your thoughts down below! Have a nice day everyone! 

Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Dress: Zara Mens Top (worn as dress)
Tights: Primark 
Socks: ASOS
Shoes: Jones Bootsmakers
Jewelery: Urban Outfitters, Mango

Thursday 4 April 2013


"Hmm..what to choose?"
The best quarter pounder I've ever had! 
And glass of raw unpasteurized milk to wash it down, yum!
The restaurant was so homely and cosy, this could be someone's dining room!
Front row seats; facing the orchard, sun shining brightly!
Time to see (smell, rather) the calves!
In my comfy gear; converse, jeans and a turtleneck - the only photo I could get as my brother refused to leave the cows alone
I couldn't choose one flavour...so I went for three - don't judge ;)
 All natural face masks and cosmetic products!
My Dad wanted this walking stick, obviously
Oh you know, just your average fire extinguisher

I had such a lovely day today, my family and I went out for lunch out as the sun was shining and the hills were calling! Wheelbirks Parlour is a farm turned cafe,ice-cream parlour and restaurant serving their own home bread beef at it's deriving products; milk, butter, ice-cream (most importantly). 
It's days like these that make you smile and appreciate the little things life has to offer. I'm not a small town girl at all, I much prefer the hustle and bustle of a busy city but I have learnt to  appreciate how beautiful and peaceful the country-side is. Truth be told there are some true gems, just like this farm, out there! If you live in the North East I'd definitely pay Wheelbirks Parlour a visit; manure aroma aside, it was wonderful!

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