Monday, 5 November 2012


 Thought I'd do a little post on a bunch of things I've really been loving this Fall! Hope you like it and it would meant the world to me if you commented or followed me!
 1. Miss Dior Cherie: I've had this perfume for a bit over a year now but I just keep going back to it, especially now in Fall/Autumn, it has such a sweet girly scent that I never seem to tire from. It's sweet but not sickly and it just smells (and looks) expensive and I love it!
 2. No7 'Temptress': you can literally find this colour anywhere it, maroon or 'oxblood' as some call it, is just a colour that screams 'Fall!' and looks gorgeous on any skin tone, I can't stop wearing this for me it's a Fall beauty must-have.
 3.The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter: I got this recently as the Body Shop was having a sale and got this half price, it smells like heaven (well, blueberries actually, but you get me) and is soo rich and moisturising perfect now that it's starting to get a bit chilly. 
 4. Sleek Storm Palette  I'd heard loads of great reviews on this (Tanya Burr, anyone?) so I decided to try it out and I'm definitely impressed, it comes with a little sponge tip brush but I  use my own brushes - the brush that comes in the Naked Palette to pat on the eye shadow and a MAC 275 to blend. I really recommend this, I got mine from Superdrug I don't think they sell them in Boots!
 5. Sugar Babe from Lush: It's getting so cold here - feels like Winter rather than Fall, and my skins definitely suffering so I've been exfoliating with this in the shower and it makes my skin feel amazingly smooth!
 6. Dove Hand Cream and Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser: Anyone who knows me will have seen me at least once pop out my Dove hand cream, is it weird that I'm obsessed with it? Probably. Anyway I carry this in my bag constantly and whip it out in class if I fell I need it/am bored and want something to do for 30 seconds. I use this Simple moisturiser on my face everyday and I love that it's oil free so doesn't break me out, yay!

7. (Last but by no means least) Creepers! I am in LOVE with these, if shoe love exists these are my perfect match. I got them for about £20 at Garage Shoes super mega cheap and I can't stop wearing them! I usually pair them with high waisted shorts and tights they are perfect for Fall if you want to be 'on trend' but I'd wear them anyway because they are insanely comfy and insanely cool!


  1. The perfume is amazing!
    Also love the body shop body butter personally!!

    We should def follow eachother on bloglovin and gfc to stay in touch??
    Get back to me :)

    >>>>> <<<<<<

    1. Yes definitely, I'd love that! Following you right away! :)

  2. oooh that nail varnish looks amazing! and i really want to try that palette too!

  3. You definitely did save the best till last those creepers are just amazing, and what a bargain too! Complete shoe envy!
    Maddie xx

    1. They are SO cool , I love them! and I know, so lucky complete bargain!!

  4. Love Dior¡¡¡


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